The Run is a feature length documentary film which follows Australian Pat Farmer's test of human spirit and behind the scenes drama as he runs the length of India, 80 kilometres a day for 64 days with the backdrop of colourful, enchanting, challenging, organized chaos of India, which will saturate your senses.
    The Run is a visual treat with tension, humour, enchanting vistas, and stunning India as the backdrop. This film is a journey where the destination really does not matter.

Genre: Documentary

Production Type: Feature Film

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    When beautiful divorcee and single mother Meera meets Will, she finds it hard to resist the tall blonde man with a charming smile... But her family has other ideas in mind, as falling in love with an Australian is not only scandalous - it's u----nindian!
    A cross cultural comedy with a lot of heart and spice.

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Production Type: Feature Film



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